We, the undersigned women from the Fighting Solidarity, the organization founded during martial law in Poland in July 1982 – imprisoned and interned, having our freedom curtailed through invigilation and 48-hour detention, harassed by constant searches and often having personal property seized – feel not only entitled but compelled to express our categorical protest against those who attempt to ruin our hard fought freedom, desecrate religious and national symbols.  

   We appeal to all Polish women who hold dear the welfare of their Fatherland to counter all the leftist movements, including their anti-religious excesses and propaganda, not only with prayer but also more actively. It pains and outrages us to see that our Fatherland freed from the yoke of communism is being destroyed. Attacks on churches, clergymen, street happenings perverting the minds of our teenagers and children should be explicitly denounced.

     Slogans chanted by the demonstrators usually peppered with vulgarisms lure scores of youths sadly out of touch with moral values and imbued with the do-what-you-please ideology. Punishable offences – desecration of the National Flag and religious symbols, defacement of and damage to monuments of national heroes are not prosecuted ex officio. As if this were not enough, the opposition calls on the European Union to punish Poland for its desire to remain independent.

    The present situation is the aftermath of the failure to conduct a true decommunization in a number of institutions such as the judiciary, education, the army and business. Both early childhood and later education has been thoroughly neglected. The youth of today do not know Polish history, schoolbooks do not convey educational content and do not shape patriotic attitudes. We do not always remember the teachings of Pope John Paul II, who defended life and the family as the cornerstone of the Nation and Christian civilization. We must bear in mind that a nation that forgets its past has no future.

     That is why we say STOP, non possumus. We will never approve of a Civil War in our country. We strongly object to public gatherings while the pandemic lasts. There will be no assent to obscene, indecent behaviour in public spaces evoking outrage. Just like in the years gone by let us not shun from spreading the truth, let us defend the dignity of the human person, and above all women and children. Let us not be afraid to denounce evil however vociferous it may be. Let us be faithful to the Cross. Let us defend life from birth to death. Let’s adopt the positivist approach of work at the grass roots, as our foremothers used to do for centuries.

     The late Kornel Morawiecki kept repeating: do what you can to do harm to the commies.So now, we say: do whatever possible to help “the old verities and truths of the heart”1 overcome demoralization. Let good triumph over evil.

God bless you all.                                                                            November 27, 2020

1From William Faulkner’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech (1950)


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